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Over 1,600 students are learning with my 80/20 method

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Intrepid Italian with Michele - Michele in Florence

Ciao, I'm Michele!

I’m an Italian-Australian language educator, travel journalist and the ‘guide’ behind The Intrepid Guide.

For over 6 years I’ve been helping my 1,600+ students, readers, and followers learn languages and have unique and authentic travel experiences with the help of my in-depth destinations guides, travel phrase guides, and online language courses so they can enjoy meaningful interactions with the locals and avoid being treated like a tourist. 

I have been teaching languages to people from all over the world and have had the pleasure of helping hundreds of students from the US, UK, Australia, Canada, Italy, and Germany to reach their language goals. 

Initially, I was exclusively offering my travel phrase guides, but I knew I wanted to do more so I could help more people reach a higher level of proficiency. That’s why I started offering online courses, and my students are loving them!

I believe that my Intrepid Italian online video course series is effective because you can follow the lessons when it’s most convenient for you and you can review the materials as many times as you want. In other words, you learn at your own pace with no pressure and without having to attend a live class.

The best part is that you are not alone either because you will get access to a private support group of like-minded students who want to learn Italian just as much as you do.

Got a question? You can message me with your questions anytime too! I love to help!

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How my 80/20 method words

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To help you learn Italian efficiently, I use the Pareto principle also known as the 80/20 rule. This rule states that 80% of your success or results comes from just 20% of your effort. It applies to many areas of our lives without us realising it. 

For example:

  • 20% of articles on a website account for 80% of its visitors
  • 80% of muscle gain is built by 20% of the repetitions
  • 20% of words in a language accounts for 80% of usage

The 80/20 principle was coined by Management consultant, Joseph M. Juran and named after the Italian economist, Vilfredo Pareto who in 1896 showed that approximately 80% of the land in Italy was owned by 20% of the population. 

The percentages are sometimes approximate, but what matters is not the exact numbers. The key thing here is that most results come from just a fraction of the effort you put in.

The 80/20 rule is observed in language learning too and can be used for higher efficiency.

This means that most of your success in learning Italian is the result of only about 20% of the effort you make. It also means that only about 20% of the things you learn contributes to most (around 80%) of your development and improvement. 

My method and approach is different from traditional methods in that I teach you the most important 20% of the language right from the beginning so you can start to speak straight away. 

I don’t waste your time teaching you colours, names of body parts, or even memorising phrases without a solid foundation first. Sadly, this is the typical experience you get in traditional language classes. But, not with Intrepid Italian.

Instead, I give you building blocks. Each lesson builds upon and revises what you previously learned, so you constantly learn, revise, and progress. 

After the first lesson, you can start to speak and create your own sentences.

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After 30 days of using Intrepid Italian, if you don't want to celebrate your new-found Italian skills with an Aperol Spritz, you don’t have to pay a cent! Cheers! 🥂

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Over 1,600 students are learning with my 80/20 method

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